Season 4

Season 4 (1985)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Fortune and Ladies Eyes

Air Date: 1985-02-03

Marge witnesses a murder while in jail on contempt of court charges, and Louie has to do an indepth investigation into the world of strip-teasing to keep her safe.

Ep.2 Seeing the Country

Air Date: 1985-02-10

Louie fishes a skeleton out of a country lake, ruining his vacation with Marge. A series of fiery visions tell Louie the story of what happened.

Ep.3 You Can't Believe Your Eyes

Air Date: 1985-02-17

The disappearance of a local student and a body found at the airport draw Marge and Louie into the world of political intrigue.

Ep.4 Defective Vision

Air Date: 1985-02-24

Louie investigates when a KGB agent is murdered during a ballet performance, locking horns with not only the KGB, but also the RCMP, the CIA, and some local Russian émigrés.

Ep.5 Eye in the Sky (1)

Air Date: 1985-03-03

Louie begins a career as a television reporter, but he nearly dies when the helicopter he is in is shot out of the sky.

Ep.6 Eye in the Sky (2)

Air Date: 1985-03-10

Louie's investigation of a triple murder exposes a cover-up involving dangerous nuclear waste.

Ep.7 I'll Be Seeing You

Air Date: 1985-03-17

Al is under suspicion when two members of his social club are murdered, and while he goes into hiding, Louie assumes body guard duties to keep his father safe.

Ep.8 Blind Alley

Air Date: 1985-03-24

Sgt. Brown pushes Louie into feigning expertise with explosives and joining forces with a gang of international thieves who are attempting to steal the priceless Mask of Agamemnon from the Central Ontario Museum after Louie gets in the way of a police investigation.