Season 5

Season 5 (1986)

Episodes List

Ep.1 The Walls Have Eyes

Air Date: 1986-01-26

When a lawyer stages a murder mystery weekend, Louie, Marge, and the other guests have to investigate a real murder when the bullets in the gun Heather uses to 'shoot' the host turn out to be real.

Ep.2 The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Air Date: 1986-02-02

An elderly man arrested after an explosion keeps going back to Louie, who decides to investigate the circumstances.

Ep.3 If Looks Could Kill

Air Date: 1986-02-09

Heather, Louie, and Marge are kidnapped by a defendant who is trying to prove that he is innocent of murdering the owner of a local health club.

Ep.4 The Eyes of Ra

Air Date: 1986-02-16

Louie has a vision of a three-thousand-year-old murder while covering a new exhibit at the Ontario Museum of Archaeology, and later, that vision is played out in a brand new murder.

Ep.5 I'm Dancing With Stars in My Eyes

Air Date: 1986-02-23

Louie believes that Marge's new ballroom dancing partner is a murderous Lothario.

Ep.6 Optical Illusion

Air Date: 1986-03-02

Louie comes face to face with a gorilla, the CIA, and murder when he joins the summer carnival, which is where Jason is working.

Ep.7 Look at Me, Look at Me

Air Date: 1986-03-09

Louie profiles a Quixotic local Metro prankster, but things take a turn for the worse when one of the prankster's jokes appear to have caused the death of an innocent bystander.

Ep.8 That Hang Dog Look

Air Date: 1986-03-16

A chance encounter with a stray dog gives Louie a vision showing him that the dog's master was murdered, and gives him a chance to find the body...if only more bodies didn't keep cropping up.