Season 6

Season 6 (1987)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Here's Looking At You

Air Date: 1987-02-24

Louie bears an amazing resemblance to Stefan of Drabvania, but just as he is about to assume the king's identity, the real king is kidnapped, and his boyguard murdered.

Ep.2 Eye of the Beholder

Air Date: 1987-03-03

Louie becomes convinced that a beautiful model is in danger from her husband, and when a fatal bullet is fired, Louie faces a life behind bars.

Ep.3 Spectacle of India

Air Date: 1987-03-10

Director Julian Bell turns up dead, which is connected with the grease paint in a local production. A bomb endangers the lives of many people nearby, and when Louie and the masked perpetrator fight it out Errol Flynn style, the audience thinks it's all part of the act.

Ep.4 Another Point of View

Air Date: 1987-03-17

Louie finds a corpse on a local park bench when he goes undercover to do a story on Toronto's homeless. The police assume it's just an accident, but Louie's visions convince him of otherwise. With the help of Long John and Bert, he uncovers a major conspiracy.

Ep.5 The Naked Eye

Air Date: 1987-03-24

When a Brazilian native shoots Marge with a poisonous dart, Louie and Heather have to find him to get the cure, especially after someone else hit with the same poison dies, and Marge winds up in a coma!

Ep.6 Bulls-Eye

Air Date: 1987-03-31

Louie is assigned to interview country singer Donna Anderson, who just happens to be doing a concert at the ranch belonging to Marge's uncle, Jack. A young ranchhand named Slick Brewster is gored by a bull, and Louie suspects his death is more than just an accident.

Ep.7 Gifted Pupils

Air Date: 1987-04-07

Louie suspects that a young man at Heather's old school, Weatherfield Hall, is being used as the patsy when the school's eccentric former headmaster is found murdered.

Ep.8 A Vision in White

Air Date: 1987-05-15

Louie realises that Redfern hasn't told him about her investigation into the mob or her upcoming marriage. He suggests that her fiancé may have a connection to the recent mob killings, infuriating both Heather and Marge.