Season 1

Season 1 (1968)

Episodes List

Ep.1 The High Riders

Air Date: 1968-09-24

A rancher and his foreman (apparently) take out after horse thieves leaving the daughter of one of them behind. They ride into an ambush. The foreman is killed and the rancher is seriously injured. Then they cut to Boston (my neck of the woods). A young man and a young woman are seen in evening clothes in a room with the door locked. Just as things seem to be heating up there is a pounding on the door. Apparently the young lady's father knows they're in there, doesn't trust them and wants to get his hands on the young man who now scoops up his cape, hat and cane. He grabs an apple (""I hate to eat and run"") and goes out through her balcony window and drops safely to the ground below. He is then approached by a man claiming to be a Pinkerton Agent representing the young man's father. The young man whom we now know to be Scott Lancer is being offered $1000 plus all expenses to travel to California and speak with his father (whom he claims to have never met) for one hour. In Me

Ep.2 Blood Rock

Air Date: 1968-10-01

Ep.3 Chase a Wild Horse

Air Date: 1968-10-08

Ep.4 Foley

Air Date: 1968-10-15

Ep.5 The Lawman

Air Date: 1968-10-22

An old friend of Murdoch's comes to claim his share of the ranch Murdoch said he could have before the boys came back. He has with him a prisoner who recognizes Johnny and asks him for help. The marshal seeing he no longer has a chance to be part of the ranch decides to help the prisoner escape. Only they are caught and end up killing the guard. Johnny comes in and is knocked out only to be discovered next to the dead guard. He is held for the murder. Scott and Murdoch go after the prisoner to clear Johnny. The marshall is arrested in the end. From Janet Bell.

Ep.6 Julie

Air Date: 1968-10-29

Ep.7 The Prodigal

Air Date: 1968-11-12

Ep.8 Jelly

Air Date: 1968-11-19

Ep.9 Last Train for Charlie Poe

Air Date: 1968-11-26

Ep.10 Glory

Air Date: 1968-12-10

Ep.11 The Heart of Pony Alice

Air Date: 1968-12-17

Ep.12 The Escape

Air Date: 1968-12-31

Ep.13 The Wedding

Air Date: 1969-01-07

Ep.14 Death Bait

Air Date: 1969-01-14

Ep.15 The Black McGloins

Air Date: 1969-01-21

Ep.16 Yesterday's Vengeance

Air Date: 1969-01-28

Ep.17 Warburton's Edge

Air Date: 1969-02-04

Ep.18 The Fix-It Man

Air Date: 1969-02-11

Ep.19 Angel Day and Her Sunshine Girls

Air Date: 1969-02-25

Ep.20 The Great Humbug

Air Date: 1969-03-04

Ep.21 Juniper's Camp

Air Date: 1969-03-11

Ep.22 The Knot

Air Date: 1969-03-18

Ep.23 The Man Without a Gun

Air Date: 1969-03-25

Ep.24 Child of Rock and Sunlight

Air Date: 1969-04-01

Ep.25 The Measure of a Man

Air Date: 1969-04-08

Ep.26 Devil's Blessing

Air Date: 1969-04-22