Season 2

Season 2 (1969)

Episodes List

Ep.1 Blind Man's Bluff

Air Date: 1969-09-23

Ep.2 Zee

Air Date: 1969-09-30

Ep.3 The Kid

Air Date: 1969-10-07

Ep.4 The Black Angel

Air Date: 1969-10-21

Ep.5 The Gifts

Air Date: 1969-10-28

Ep.6 Cut the Wolf Loose

Air Date: 1969-11-04

Ep.7 Jelly Hoskins' American Dream

Air Date: 1969-11-11

Ep.8 Welcome to Genesis

Air Date: 1969-11-18

Ep.9 A Person Unknown

Air Date: 1969-11-25

Ep.10 Legacy

Air Date: 1969-12-09

Murdoch is in a nasty mood, taking his frustrations on a piece of iron he is working on the forge. Jelly approaches and tells him he has been ""acting like a snake bit ya"" ever since he found out Harlan Garrett, Scott's grandfather, was coming for a visit. When Scott and Johnny arrive in town to pick up Scott's grandfather, they separate and Scott enters the hotel. His father generally is down on the area and Scott's new life, and when the subject of Scott returning to Boston comes up, Scott says it might be a while to which Harlan replies ""We'll see"". Johnny then joins them, and Harlan points out that Johnny is Scott's half brother named Johnny Madrid and his mother was a foreigner. Scott indicates that they should be going. Harlan says he has a surprise for Scott before they leave and turns toward the opening that leads to the lobby. Through the opening comes an elegantly dressed woman. When he sees her, Scott whispers ""Julie"" and races to stand by her. Scott indicates she neve

Ep.11 A Scarecrow at Hacket's

Air Date: 1969-12-16

Ep.12 Little Darling of the Sierras

Air Date: 1969-12-30

Ep.13 Shadow of a Dead Man

Air Date: 1970-01-06

Ep.14 Blue Skies for Willie Sharpe

Air Date: 1970-01-13

Ep.15 Chad

Air Date: 1970-01-20

Ep.16 The Lorelei

Air Date: 1970-01-27

Ep.17 The Lion and the Lamb

Air Date: 1970-02-03

Ep.18 The Experiment

Air Date: 1970-02-17

Ep.19 Splinter Group

Air Date: 1970-03-03

Ep.20 Lamp in the Wilderness

Air Date: 1970-03-10

Ep.21 The Buscaderos

Air Date: 1970-03-17

Ep.22 Dream of Falcons

Air Date: 1970-04-07

Ep.23 Goodbye, Lizzie

Air Date: 1970-04-28

Ep.24 The Rivals

Air Date: 1970-05-05

Ep.25 Lifeline

Air Date: 1970-05-19